Suicide Cleanup in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, Canton, Smyrna, and the Surrounding Areas

Blood on Floor Needing Blood Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

The initial discovery of a suicide is traumatic enough no matter where it happens in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, Canton, Smyrna, and the surrounding areas, but then the question is asked about who will perform the suicide cleanup? Our team at Relief-Remediation has been involved in many suicide cleanup situations and we understand how troubling it can be to just deal with the information that a loved one has taken their life. The last thing that family wants is to be responsible for cleaning up the aftermath of a suicide, especially one that is more violent in nature. Contact our team and we will take that burden off your shoulders.

Suicide Cleanup Can Be More Complex Than Initially Thought

Before we get started with the suicide cleanup, we look through the entire scene to understand what happened. This provides us with a punch list to be sure that we address during the process so that the area is fully cleaned. If there are complicating issues, such as hoarding, that will make the suicide cleanup take longer in order to properly deal with everything.

It is possible that the suicide actually involved more than a single room, and this will also make the cleanup more complex than if it was limited to a single room. While they try not to bring things into other areas, law enforcement sometimes will exacerbate the cleaning needs during their investigation. If the suicide was also coupled with not be discovered for several days or even longer, then there will likely be more bodily fluids and decomposition that needs to be dealt with.

We Provide a Degree of Separation

As a professional suicide cleanup team we have the ability to separate ourselves from the tasks and who things belong to. Family members aren’t able to do that and it can be traumatizing all by itself for a family member to attempt to clean things up after the suicide of a family member. Most people, even those who have no relation to the deceased, would not be able to do a suicide cleanup because they just don’t have the stomach for it. Ours is an elite team that provides this service to help others.

If you have a suicide cleanup situation in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, Canton, Smyrna, and the surrounding areas, save yourself the heartache and trouble of cleaning it up yourself and call in our team at Relief-Remediation. We will do things the proper way to keep everyone safe and materials disposed of. Contact us today to learn more.