Emergency Remediation Services Including Trauma Cleanup, Dead Body Cleanup, Mold Removal, Hoarding Cleanup, and Biohazard Cleanup Services in Atlanta, Marietta, Canton, Smyrna, Roswell, Alpharetta, GA, and the Surrounding Areas

Relief Remediation is a family-owned business providing biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleanup, meth lab cleanup, suicide cleanup, and hoarding cleanup and disinfection services. We serve property owners in various areas in Georgia, including Atlanta, Roswell, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Canton, Marietta, and the surrounding areas.


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Biohazard Cleanup Services

Biohazard situations are extremely dangerous to those in the vicinity. They require swift and thorough cleanup by professionals like our team at Relief Remediation. Discovering a biohazardous scene on your property is an upsetting event, and we will treat every case with compassion.

Biohazard Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup Crew Behind Crime Tape in Atlanta, GA

Crime Scene Cleanup

Regardless of the crime type, there will surely be a mess left behind. The crime scene and remnants of the police investigation are difficult and dangerous to clean on your own. Crimes occur 24/7, so Relief Remediation is available at all times of the day. We’re always here for you.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Men Hugging Each Other After Unattended Death Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

Suicide Cleanup

If you require suicide cleanup in Marietta, Roswell, Canton, Atlanta, or surrounding Georgia areas, our team can help. We understand that suicides are devastating events and will remove all reminders as quickly as possible. We provide dead body and blood cleanup to restore the safety of your property.

Suicide Cleanup

Dead Body Outline Behind Crime Tape for Crime Scene Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

Unattended Death Cleanup

A dead body becomes a biohazard when unattended for any period. Most unattended death cleanups require the following:

  • Blood cleanup
  • Dead body cleanup
  • Odor abatement

Trying to clean up this scene on your own risks your health. Our team of professionals has the best equipment and PPE to clean the scene properly.

Dead Body Cleanup

Mold on Wall Needing Mold Remediation in Atlanta, GA

Mold Remediation

Mold can grow in almost any place on your property. Because mold grows in various colors and forms, it is difficult to identify. Here at Relief Remediation, our professionals can identify mold and its danger before providing expert mold remediation and removal.

Mold may leave an unpleasant smell, which could be dangerous to those living on the property. Mold remediation and removal include odor abatement to guarantee the property is inhabitable.

Mold Remediation

Kitchen Before & After Hoarding Cleaning in Roswell, GA

Hoarding & Declutter Removal & Disinfection

Hoarding cleanup and disinfection are necessary for any overly cluttered areas. There are often biohazards lingering on the property. Bodily fluids, mold, blood, bacteria, and other substances make such environments unsafe.

Clutter Cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup Crew in Smyrna, GA

Drug Lab Testing & Cleanup

With highly addictive substances like fentanyl and methylamphetamine floating around, it’s our duty as a drug cleanup company to confirm what type of drugs were found on our streets. You need our services if you need help identifying and disposing of dangerous drugs and paraphernalia.

Drug Lab Cleanup

Man Packing Boxes for Hoarding Cleaning Roswell, GA

Homebuying Services

Have you been wanting to move out but haven’t found a buyer for your home due to biohazards? At Relief Remediation, we’ll buy your house from you at its “as is” condition for no additional costs. Sell to us, and we’ll even help pack your boxes, free of charge.


Looking for a fresh start, rather than a fresh environment? We will help sort and pack the items you want to keep!

Rely on Us from Start to Finish

Don’t miss out on your chance to clean out your home and sell it for a competitive price. For more information, reach out to our representative by calling us today!



If you require biohazard cleanup services, crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, hoarding cleanup and disinfection, or meth lab cleanup, contact us immediately. We proudly serve Smyrna, Roswell, Atlanta, and other surrounding Georgia areas.

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